Appraisal  Fee  $125.00 

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Interior: Engine Compartment:
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Overall Condition of Car:
In my opinion, the value of this car is $
Appraised  by  Kenny  Blot                                      Owner of ODM / C                   ______                              
Owner,  OLD  DOMINION  MUSTANG / CAMARO  509 S. Washington Hwy.  Ashland,  VA 23005  (804)798-3348
Established  1984
30-year  Mustang / Camaro  enthusiast                   Appraisal  Fee  $125.00

Grading System according to Old Cars Report Price Guide, 2011 edition
“1” – EXCELLENT: Restored to current maximum professional standards of quality in every area, or perfect original with components operating and appearing as new.  A 95-plus point show car that is not driven.
“2” – FINE: Well restored, or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original.  Also, an extremely well-maintained original showing minimal wear.
“3” – VERY GOOD: Completely operable original or “older restoration” showing wear. Also, a good amateur restoration, all presentable and serviceable inside and out. Plus, combinations of well done restoration and good operable components: or partially restored car with all parts necessary to complete it and/or valuable NOS parts.
“4” – GOOD: A drivable vehicle needing no, or only minor work to be functional. Also, a deteriorated restoration or a poor ameteur restoration. All components may need restoration to be “excellent”, but the vehicle is mostly usable “as is”.
“5” – RESTORABLE: Needs complete restoration of body , chassis, and interior. May or may not be running, but isn’t weathered, wrecked, and/or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts.
“6” – PARTS CAR: May or may not be running, but is weathered, wrecked, and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts.